Best CD Rates – Chirstmas Eve

Best CD Rates - Chirstmas EveThe best CD rates on Christmas Eve are stable, no new highs to report on even though the fed funds rate was increased last week. Here is a list of the best CD rates on short term certificates of deposit of 1 year or less. The best 1 month CD rates are at 1.35 percent fromĀ Colorado Federal Savings Bank. The best CD rates on 3 month certificates of deposit are at 2.15 percent from Popular Bank. The highest CD rates on 6 month CDs are at 2.46 percent from VirtualBank. The top 9 month CD rate is at 2.31 percent from Luana Savings Bank. The highest 1 year CD rate is at 2.90 percent from ablebanking.

Author: Brian McKay
December 24th, 2018

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