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best-health-insurance-rates-hmo-plansMost people have to choose health maintenance organizations (HMOs) plans from HMOs their employer is offering. Unfortunately this limits your choice of insurance companies and as a result your health insurance rates are probably higher.

Although getting your health insurance coverage through a health maintenance organization (HMO) will cost less than having health insurance through traditional fee-for-service insurance.

The primary purpose of  managed health care is to deliver less costly health care and at the same time maintaining the quality of health care. HMOs offer access to a  complete package of health care services in return for a prepaid monthly premium. 

When you use a HMO you are required to obtain your health care services from doctors and hospitals affiliated with the HMO to belong to. You choose a primary care physician who treats you, makes health care decisions and coordinates referrals to specialties within the HMO network.

HMOs also charge a small co-payment depending upon the type of service provided. For visiting your primary care physician the co-payment can be $10 to $30, co-payments when visiting specialists can be higher.

Health Maintenance Organizations Points:

  • You must use health care providers that are part of the HMO, except in certain emergency situations. Otherwise  you will pay more out of pocket
  • Choose your primary care physician wisely because that person directs your care. Your primary care physician also coordinates referrals to specialties within the HMO.
  • You may be charged a small co-payment each time you utilize an HMO covered service. 

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Best Heath Insurance Rates

Author: Lisa Graham
August 29th, 2009