Forbright Bank CD Rates: Maximize Your Savings with High Forbright Bank Rates!

Looking to maximize your savings with a high yielding CD account? Look no further than Forbright Bank's exceptional CD rates! Experience the power of your money working harder for you with our highly competitive short-term CD rates. At an incredible 5.25% APY, our 12-month CD rate is truly one of the best rates available today!

But that's not all! Compared to other online banks, Forbright Bank's CD rates are consistently better. As of today, Forbright Bank is also offering an impressive 3.00% APY on the bank's 24-month, 36-month and 60-month CDs.

Forbright Bank is not just your average financial institution, besides high yielding CD accounts, Forbright also offers a wide range of banking products and services designed to meet your needs. Alongside their CD accounts, the bank offers various checking accounts, money market and savings accounts, and even IRA savings accounts.

Online CD Rates at Forbright Bank:

  • 12-Month 5.25% APY
  • 24-Month 3.00% APY
  • 36-Month 3.00% APY
  • 60-Month 3.00% APY
  • Current Forbright Bank Branch CD Rates:

  • 3-5 Month Rate 4.00% APY
  • 6-8 Month Rate: 4.40% APY
  • 9-11 Month Rate: 4.00% APY
  • 12-Month 5.25% APY
  • 13-17 Month Rate: 3.00% APY
  • 18-23 Month Rate: 3.00% APY
  • 24-29 Month Rate: 3.00% APY
  • 30-35 Month Rate: 3.00% APY
  • 36-47 Month Rate: 3.00% APY
  • 48-59 Month Rate: 3.00% APY
  • 60 Month Rate: 3.00% APY
  • Take action now and open a Forbright Bank CD Account to secure a high CD rate!

    Choosing a Forbright Bank CD account means choosing a reliable investment option. With a fixed interest rate, your earnings will remain steady throughout the CD term, providing you with peace of mind and a guaranteed return on your savings.

    Forbright Bank's CD accounts offer more than just competitive rates and terms. Experience the freedom to manage your finances on your terms by selecting a payout frequency that suits you best. Additionally, the bank has automatic renewal options make it effortless to roll over your CD accounts upon maturity, ensuring your investment continues to grow without lifting a finger.

    Forbright Bank's CD accounts provide a reliable and rewarding investment opportunity. With their impressive rates, flexible terms, and attractive benefits, you can enjoy higher CD rates and financial security unmatched by other options. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity—open a Forbright Bank CD account today by visiting them at! Your financial dreams are waiting to become a reality!

    Author: Brian McKay
    May 14th, 2023