Hartford, CT Auto Loan Rates

Searching our auto loan rate list in Hartford, Connecticut we found Nationwide Bank topping our list of 4 year used auto loan rates. Nationwide is currently offering 4 year used auto loans at 4.45 percent. This auto loan rate reflects a 1.00 percent discount for automatic/ACH payments.

The second best auto loan rate on our list in Hartford,  CT, is from Sovereign Bank. The bank is offering rates on used auto loans at 4.75 perent. This rate reflects a  0.25 discount for automatic payments.

The third lowest auto loan rate on our list in Hartford is from Bank of America. The bank's current 4 year used auto loan rates are at 5.25 percent.

The fourth best rate on our list is from TD Banknorth. The bank's current 4 year used car loan rate is 5.84 percent with a 0.25 percent auto loan discount.

Auto Loan Rates Hartford, Connecticut

Institution Loan Rate Rate Discounts
Nationwide Bank 4.45% 1.00%
Sovereign Bank 4.75% 0.25%
Bank of America 5.25% 0.00%
TD Banknorth 5.84% 0.25%
New Alliance Bank 7.24% 0.25%
Wachovia 7.49% 0.25%
Liberty Bank 7.50% 0.00%
Webster Bank 9.49% 0.25%

Author: Lisa Graham
February 1st, 2011