Millennium Bank 6 Month CD Rate Special

Millennium Bank if offering a 6 month Certificate of Deposit that currently has a 3.25% APY. The special rate is a promotion rate and the offer can be withdrawn at any time. The minimum opening deposit $1,000.

The Bank may impose a penalty for early withdrawal from a CD. Millennium Bank also uses the daily balance method to calculate interest on accounts. This method applies a daily rate to the principle in the account each day.

Millennium Bank's terms and conditions for the CD account

  • Minimum Opening Balance: $1,000.00
  • Interest on the CD account will be compounded and paid quarterly.
  • You can choose to have interest paid by check or transferred to another Account.
  • The Certificate of Deposit will automatically be renewed at maturity for an equal term at the then current rate.
  • 10 Business day grace period after the maturity date to withdrawal funds without being charged for an early withdrawal penalty (you will be sent a reminder before the CD matures and confirmation of the renewal)
  • There are early withdrawal penalties based on the term of the CD.

At this time the bank does not allow you to open a CD online or over the phone, you will have to visit a Millennium bank branch location to open an account.


Author: Brian McKay
July 23rd, 2008