Washington Mutual 5.0% APY 13 Month CD


Washington Mutual Bank is offering one of the best CD rates, a promotional 13 month Certificate of Deposit (CD) with a 5.0% APY!

Here's the scoop.

The minimum deposit is $1,000 and there isn't a maximum deposit.

This WaMu promotional CD isn't available online - you will have to visit your local WaMu Bank to sign up for this deal.

This 13 month CD rate is very competitive.  The national average for a 12 month CD rate is currently 3.62% as reported by bankrate.com.

You'll have to hurry to take advantage of the special promo CD rate. It's only available for a week but the deal is ending on August 29th.

Update: WaMu is also offering a 12 month CD with a 5.0% APY.  This CD rate is only available for their online CD, with a minimum deposit of $1,000.

WaMu 12 month online CD

Author: Lisa Graham
August 23rd, 2008