Home Mortgage Interest Rates: 30 Year Conforming Mortgage Rates at 4.32%, 30 Year Jumbo Mortgage Rates at 4.88%

Jumbo fixed mortgage rates and conforming fixed mortgage rates are lower this past week following bond yields lower. Home mortgage rates and bond yields headed lower on the Federal Open Market Committee's September 21 statement saying the pace of the recovery has slowed in both output and employment.

Interest rates also headed lower on the Fed's comments about providing additional easing. The Fed said it will "continue to monitor the economic outlook and financial developments and is prepared to provide additional accommodation if needed to support the economic recovery". The additional accommodation will be in the form of asset purchases (quantitative easing) to drive interest rates even lower.

Mortgage Rates

Conforming Mortgage Loan Rates

Current 30 year mortgage rates are averaging 4.32 percent, down from last week’s average 30 year home mortgage rate of 4.40 percent. 30 year refinance mortgage rates today are also lower, averaging 4.32 percent. 30 year mortgage rates in Louisiana are slightly higher averaging 4.42 percent.

15 year mortgage loan rates today are averaging 3.82 percent, down from the previous week’s average 15 year mortgage interest rate of 3.86 percent. Today's 15 year mortgage refinance loan rates are also lower, averaging 3.82 percent. 15 year mortgage interest rates in Maine are higher averaging 3.85 percent.

Jumbo Mortgage Loan Rates

30 year jumbo mortgage loan rates are back under 5.00 percent averaging 4.88 percent, down from the previous week’s average 30 year jumbo mortgage interest rate of 5.01 percent. 30 year jumbo loan refinance rates are lower averaging in at 4.88 percent. 30 year jumbo rates in Indiana are higher currently averaging 4.93 percent.

15 year jumbo mortgage interest rates are averaging lower at 4.32 percent, a decline from the prior week’s average jumbo mortgage loan rate of 4.39 percent. 15 year jumbo mortgage refinance rates today are also lower at 4.32 percent. 15 year California jumbo mortgage loan rates are higher averaging 4.67 percent.

Conforming Adjustable Mortgage Loan Rates

1 year adjustable mortgage rates are averaging 3.15 percent, unchanged from last week’s average 1 year adjustable home mortgage loan rate. 1 year conforming adjustable refinance loan mortgage rates are also unchanged this week.

Current 3 year adjustable mortgage rates are averaging 3.39 percent, down from last week’s average 3 year adjustable mortgage loan rate of 3.49 percent. 3 year mortgage refinance rates today are also averaging 3.39 percent.

5 year adjustable mortgage loan rates today are averaging 3.13 percent, down from the prior week’s average mortgage rate of 3.30 percent. 5 year refinance home loan rates today are also averaging lower at 3.13 percent.

7 year adjustable mortgage loan interest rates are averaging 3.42 percent, down from the previous week’s average 7 year home mortgage rate of 3.52 percent. Today’s 7 year refinance interest rates are averaging 3.42 percent.

10 year adjustable bank loan rates are averaging 3.80 percent this week, down from last week’s average 10 year adjustable mortgage rate of 3.91 percent. 10 year home refinance rates today are also averaging 3.80 percent.

Adjustable Jumbo Mortgage Loan Rates

1 year jumbo adjustable loan interest rates are averaging 5.32 percent, unchanged from the prior week’s average 1 year jumbo adjustable loan mortgage interest rate. 1 year jumbo refinance loan mortgage rates today are unchanged at 5.32 percent.

3 year adjustable jumbo mortgage rates today are lower averaging 4.01 percent, down from last week's average 3 year jumbo adjustable loan rates.  Current 3 year refinance jumbo mortgage rates today are also lower at 4.01 percent.

5 year adjustable jumbo home loan rates are averaging 3.66 percent, a decrease from last week’s average mortgage rate of 3.71 percent. 5 year jumbo mortgage refi rates today are also lower at 3.66 percent.

7 year jumbo adjustable mortgage rates today are averaging 4.37 percent, down from last week’s average 7 year home mortgage loan rate of 4.42 percent. 7 year jumbo refinance mortgage rates today are also lower, averaging 4.37 percent.

10 year loan jumbo loan rates are averaging 4.95 percent, down from the prior week’s average 10 year jumbo home mortgage rate of 5.01 percent. 10 year jumbo home loan refinance interest rates today are also averaging 4.95 percent.

Conforming Interest Only Adjustable Mortgage Rates

3 year interest only adjustable mortgage loan rates are averaging 3.56 percent, down from last week’s average interest only mortgage loan rate of 3.68 percent. 3 year interest only adjustable refinance mortgage rates are also lower at 3.56 percent.

5 year interest only adjustable bank loan rates today are averaging 3.27 percent, down from last week’s average five year interest only mortgage loan rate of 3.46 percent.  5 year interest only adjustable refinance mortgage rates are averaging 3.27 percent.

7 year interest only adjustable mortgage loan rates are averaging 3.59 percent, down from last week’s average 7 year interest-only mortgage interest rate of 3.68 percent. 7 year adjustable refinance rate mortgages today are averaging 3.59 percent.

Interest Only Jumbo Adjustable Mortgage Rates

3 year jumbo interest only adjustable mortgage rates today are averaging 4.43 percent, up from last week’s average jumbo adjustable interest only mortgage rate of 4.42 percent. 3 year interest only adjustable jumbo refinance rates today are averaging 4.43 percent.

5 year adjustable jumbo loan interest only mortgage rates today are averaging 4.28 percent, down from last week’s average IO home mortgage interest rate of 4.29 percent. 5 year jumbo adjustable IO loan rates are also lower, averaging 4.28 percent.

7 year jumbo IO loan adjustable mortgage rates are averaging 4.79 percent, down from an average jumbo 7 year home mortgage rate of 4.81 percent last week. 7 year jumbo adjustable interest-only mortgage rates today are also averaging lower at 4.79 percent.

Home Equity Loan Rates

Current 10 year home equity loan rates are averaging 6.677 percent, down from the previous week’s average home equity loan rate of 6.777 percent..

15 year home equity rates today are averaging 6.970 percent, down from last week’s average home equity rate of 7.107 percent.

Home Equity Line of Credit Rates

Home equity line of credit rates are averaging 4.913 percent, unchanged from last week’s average HELOC rate.

Author: Brian McKay
September 27th, 2010

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