Mortgage Rates Hit New Record High for 2023: 30-Year Rates at 8.099%

Mortgage rates have increased again this week to new highs in 2023 and the highest levels in over 20 years. A stark contrast to the all-time lows experienced just a couple years ago. 30-year conforming mortgage rates have soared to a staggering average just above 8.00%, current 30-year rates are at 8.099%. Jumbo loans for the same 30-year term are slightly lower rate of 7.953%. These two-decade new highs have resulted in a big upheaval in the mortgage market, posing challenges and considerations for both new homebuyers, home sellers and those looking to refinance.

15-Year Mortgage Rates See Dramatic Uptick

The financial landscape for 15-year fixed conforming loans has also been radically altered. Rates for these shorter-term loans have climbed to an eye-popping 7.269%. I remember back in 2012, I refinanced a 30-year mortgage to a 15-year mortgage with a fixed rate of 2.75%!

An even more dramatic uptick this week is on the 15-year fixed jumbo rate, current mortgage rates on 15-year jumbo loans reach 7.690%, up from the prior week's average rate of 7.36%.

No Escape from Rising Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

There's no respite when it comes to adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) either. The 5/6 ARM conforming SOFR rate has also climbed to significant highs, currently sitting at 7.296%. For those considering a jumbo ARM, the 5/6 SOFR rate is hovering at a close 7.500%.

A Nostalgic Look Back at Previous Record Lows

Back in September, 2021, it was an entirely different story. Mortgage rates had hit all-time lows, with 30-year rates dipping to just 2.77%. The 15-year rates had also sunk to an unprecedented low of 2.10%. Even ARMs had more to offer, with 5-year rates at a mere 2.45%.

Implications for Potential Homebuyers and Homeowners Considering Refinancing

The current stratospheric rise in mortgage rates has killed demand for mortgages. Both potential homebuyers, and current homeowners mulling selling and buying a new home, are on the fence because of current mortgage rates make homes a lot more expensive as far as monthly carrying costs.

How to Keep Tabs on Soaring Mortgage Rates

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Author: Brian McKay
October 5th, 2023

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