Best Savings Account Rates SFGI Direct Savings Account

SFGI Direct, an online banking division of Summit Community Bank, is offering one of the best savings account rates currently available. Chances are you haven't hears of SFGI Direct or Summit Community Bank but the bank is located in the Eastern Panhandle and South Central regions of West Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley and Northern regions of Virginia.

SFGI Direct Best Savings Account Rates

SFGI Direct’s current savings account rate is at 1.00% with a savings account yield of 1.01%. That rate is one of the highest savings account rates available right now believe it or not. 

That savings rate might not seem high but when compared to the current national average savings rateof 0.197% as reported by Monitor Bank Rates a 1.00% savings rate is considerably higher. SFGI's savings rate is higher than many national bank savings rates including American Express Bank which currently has a savings rate of 0.90%.

SFGI Direct's savings account has a minimum balance amount of only of $1 to earn interest. There are no monthly account fees. A savings account can be opened online and funding the account by doing an electronic transfer funds into the account.

The minimum opening savings account balance is $500. You can open an account and check on current savings account rates here: SFGI Direct Savings Account Rates.

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Author: Jason P. Jones
November 28th, 2011

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