Best Savings Rates in Florida: Highest Savings APY in Miami 1.15%

Right now on our savings rate list in Miami, Florida, the best savings account rate is 1.14% with a yield of 1.15%. American Express Bank, Sallie Mae Bank and Discover Bank's savings account rates are all at 1.14% with a yield of 1.15%. That rate might not be that high historically speaking but it is about 5 times the current national average rate of 0.231% as reported by Monitor Bank Rates.

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Flagstar Bank has the second best savings account rate for our list in Miami, FL. The bank's current savings rate is 1.10% with a yield of 1.11%.

The third highest savings rate on our list is from Capital One Direct Banking. The bank's current rate is 1.09% with a yield of 1.10%. A bonus about this account is you can also earn a 10% quarterly bonus on interest earned with a monthly average balance of at least $10K or use of a Capital One credit card at least once a month.

Coming in with the fourth highest rate and yield is Nationwide Bank. The bank's current money market account rate is 1.04% with a yield of 1.05%.

Rounding out the top 5 rates is Ally Bank with a rate of 1.03% and a yield of 1.04%.

FL Best Savings Account Yields

Discover Bank Yield 1.15% Min $500 

American Express Bank FSB Yield 1.15% Min $ 0 

Sallie Mae Yield 1.15% Min $ 1 

Flagstar Bank Yield 1.11% Min $ 1 

Capital One Direct Banking Yield 1.10% Min $1000 

Nationwide Bank Yield 1.05% Min $2000 

Ally Bank Yield 1.04% Min $ 1 

EverBank Yield 1.01% Min $ 1 

Zions Bank Yield 1.01% Min $1000 

First Internet Bank of IN Yield 1.00% Min $100 

ING DIRECT Yield 1.00% Min $ 1 

Salem Five Direct Yield 1.00% Min $ 1 - Must have a checking account with SFD

Author: Lisa Graham
June 16th, 2011

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