Finding the Best Current Mortgage Rates

finding-the-best-current-mortgage-ratesComparison shopping for the best current mortgage rate and mortgage loan type for your needs is a must. Selecting the wrong mortgage product or paying a higher rate than the mortgage rates currently available will cost you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in extra interest payments over the life of the home loan.

Even worse, you could possibly lose your home because a mortgage broker steers you into a mortgage that has lower mortgage payments initially but higher payments in the future. Many folks were talked into getting adjustable rate mortgages during the housing bubble or mortgages with initial teaser rates that reset making the monthly mortgage payments go up to the point the home become unaffordable.

Do you comparison shop for products you by? Getting a mortgage for a home purchase, a refinancing, or a home equity loan should be done the same way. You should compare all the costs involved in getting a mortgage. Closing costs or settlement costs will cost thousands of dollars, since costs will vary by mortgage lender it pays to comparison shop those costs as well. Getting a better mortgage rate will save you even more.

Home mortgage loans are offered from several types of lenders including, banks, mortgage companies, credit unions and thrifts. You will receive different quotes from each. Be prepard to contact serveral financial institutions for the best mortgage deal.

Another option is to get a mortgage through a mortgage broker. Brokers will look at your particular situation and recommend which mortgage product is best for you. They are supposed to find the best deal for you as well, but that isn't always the case. Brokers are paid by lenders so there is some incentive to steer you into a product that gives them a higher commission. That being said, I recommend you contact several mortgage brokers for the best deal or do your own comparison shopping. has mortgage rate tables you can use to search and compare lenders offering mortgages in your area.

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Author: Brian McKay
August 11th, 2009